About Us

-At Thailand Property Advisor we have done research, due diligence and background checks on the developers we work with.

-We don't work with any developer that we wouldn't let our little grey-haired mother buy a home from. Seriously.

- Thailand Property Advisor only partners with professional, reliable developers sporting a solid track record.

-Our focus is on delivering well-built assets; following up with exceptional after-sale care to protect investors and owners.

-If you want to buy a poorly made asset from a developer who spends more on sales and marketing than he does on building materials, we will refer you to a different company…we just don’t do business that way.

-We have ALREADY faced the most difficult questions, and dealt with the answers first-hand, so that you can get into the Thailand real estate market with peace of mind.

We are highly knowledgable about all aspects of property in Thailand.
But, if we don’t know something, we will find out… and keep researching until
we’re convinced that we can stake our reputation on our answer.

Contact us and we can begin to discuss your options.  


We will guide you to your perfect property.

Daniel Oredsson

Daniel Oredsson